About Us


Mercury Technologies of Minnesota, Inc. (MTM) was established in 1992. We were the first facility in the nation designed specifically for fluorescent lamp recycling and remain the oldest fluorescent lamp recycling company in continuous existence in the USA. We are the only facility permitted by the MN Pollution Agency to recycle mercury on-site.

Our location was chosen because of its designation as a “greenfield” site, having no environmental impairments from prior use, in addition to its convenient access to the interstate. Staying true to our environmental protection efforts, our facility is an Energy Star Building, built to conform to the voluntary pollution prevention program standards that promote whole building energy-efficiency.

Since our foundation as a privately owned business, we have focused our efforts to purchase locally, and American made items, if it can’t be sourced locally.

We do not subcontract fluorescent lamp recycling with any other facilities or companies. All of the work is done at our facility in Pine City, Minnesota including mercury recovery.

MTM is certified as a woman owned small business, a SBA HubZone business, and a self certified small disadvantaged business. As such, many of our clients have expressed appreciation of the fact that we provide very personalized, efficient, and professional service to meet their needs.

Our continued goal is to provide each customer with prompt, reliable service of the highest quality.

Our Process

Our Prepaid Box Recycling Program is a simple start to our lamp recycling process. For other recycling items, we will provide personalized guidance. Our effortless, online service request can also initiate the process.

MTM offers pick up by its licensed hazardous waste trucks. Boxed lamps and pallets of lamps are transported to our facility by licensed firms that serve locally, as well as the entire United States and Canada. An exclusive, economical and proprietary reusable container system, designed to meet the most rigorous standards in the industry, is used in the transport process.

Our process minimizes the risk of spillage of toxic components through a continuous recycling method. An advanced air pollution control system has sufficient redundancy to assure emissions are below measurable levels.

Nothing from our process goes to a landfill, MITIGATING environmental liability from disposal for our clients.

Certificates of Recycling are issued for your records upon completion of the work.

Pollution Liability Insurance covers our facility.

Our Partners

Mercury Technologies of Minnesota, Inc. (MTM) partner closely with companies that are R2, e-stewards, BAN, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, OHSA18001 certified.

MTM donates time and money to local organizations, WBENC, American Chemical Society, Returned Peace Corps Volunteers and the University of Minnesota Alumni Association.