We are highly knowledgeable in our field and provide numerous advanced personal and business recycling services with a strong commitment to the environment. We are the first facility in the nation designed specifically for fluorescent lamp recycling and the only facility permitted by the MN Pollution Agency to recycle mercury on-site.

Recycle with confidence! Our service options include universal waste recycling for fluorescent lamps, batteries, ballasts, and e-wastes. Our recycling program is developed and implemented for companies, municipalities & utilities, with on-site and electronic/phone project consultation. We offer development of individualized business environmental quality, health and safety policies, and a prepaid lamp recycling program with an easy online order form for prepaid boxes and a coupon program to reduce lamp recycling costs.

Mercury Technologies of Minnesota, Inc. (MTM) is committed to provide recycling solutions that follow the highest environmental standards. The company has had a no landfill policy since its inception.

Drop off hours M-Th 8-4, Fri 8-2:45. For hours outside of these, please contact MTM for scheduling.

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